Going Green

Many businesses at the moment are wanting to go green. Some of them started earlier whereas others are just getting into the game. For instances, Nike have been doing very well in this area as they use all of their waste products and even use natural products which are sustainable.

As the image shows above, Nike have actually dedicated a whole page towards going green. I actually flicked through it and they have put a lot of information into this as they have explained everything including what they do with their waste products etc. Some businesses and some members of the public have even made posters dedicated towards going green.

Many businesses would love to go green however some are unable to as it can be very expensive. For example, if a business wanted to make one of their warehouses green by lets say using solar panels, they would have to buy a lot of solar panels in order to cover the roof. it costs £5,995 to install 14 solar panel!!!!! A business could do 50 other things with that amount of money. Only big businesses would be able to afford this as they would have loads of money. If you would like to know the pros and cons about going green then just hover your mouse over the coloured dots.