How to Get Important People to Respond to Your Emails

These five tips will help you write emails that generate responses to build relationships:

1. Keep it Brief

You think that you have a busy life? Constantly hustling and cramming your work and social life into one?  Well, guess what?  Successful people live even busier lives.  A long email to a stranger decreases their chances of responding-or even reading it.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Short messages will decrease the chance that your contact will just end up dragging your email into their trash folder.

2. Be Genuine

Stop writing emails that reek of dishonesty.  Don't underestimate how deeply people appreciate authentic connections.  Successful people develop a B.S. detector after constantly having others compete for their time and attention.  Do not hide your true intentions or act fake.

If you want something, make it CLEAR

If you have a great idea, share it-and cut right to the chase.  Be upfront about why you are sending the email and why your message is great for the person receiving it.  This will establish trust, which is the foundation for all positive relationships.

3. Be Likeable

Center your emails around the contact instead of yourself.  Focus your message on their background, their needs, and how your email impacts them.

Make your request for information, meetings, or feedback easy for people to say yes to.  "Do you have 10 minutes to chat?" "Can I talk with you for an hour?"

Give people outs when you make requests for their time.  Applying too  much pressure on them increases the chance they'll decline your attempts to connect.  Use phrases such as  "I know you're busy..."  "at a time convenient for you" or "let's discuss this further when you are back in town".  Demonstrate that you are conscientious about their time constraints.

4. Provide Value

Try making your email valuable to them.  Share an interesting link or new idea within their niche.  Your email isn't just about receiving, it is about networking and establishing a new relationship.  Build this sharing new interests and aspirations.

5. Show You're Already Winning

You want to contact successful people because you know they get important things done.  You gain instant credibility by showing them you're already winning.  

Did you just complete a cool project?  Create something unique?  Briefly tell your contact.  Show them that you are worth their time and effort.

Influential people want to help you reach your goals!  Your next connection is just one strong email away.
Now it is your turn-write an example email to a successful person and send it to and we will talk about them at our next WIB meeting.