Peter Kephart
is Burning Fine Art!

fountain art fair nyc 2013
at 69th street regiment armory
march 8-10

Friday, March 8: 12 – 7pm, VIP/Press Preview
Friday, March 8: 7 – 12am, Opening Night Reception (21+)
Saturday, March 9: 12 – 7pm, Open to the public
Saturday, March 9: 7 – 12am, Saturday Night Event (21+)
Sunday, March 10: 12 – 5pm, Open to the public

Paintings left to right: New Man in a Changed Land, A Noticeable Difference in my Environment, The Light from Elsewhere, Erratic with Lyrical String Clouds


And he’s creating, not destroying it. Since 2004, fire has defined the paintings of Peter Kephart. By combining and manipulating the basic elements of fire, water, earth, and wind on cotton paper, he creates artworks of unequaled beauty and power. These astonishing Firepaintings captivate the viewer with their wide-ranging diversity, their uniqueness and originality, their almost tangible energy, and their supremely luminous and organic nature. With Firepainting, Kephart has forged a new aesthetic unlike anything seen before. Peter Kephart’s Firepaintings represent the very nature of painting. And you’ve never seen paintings like these.

The Firepainter

P.O. Box 119 Levels, WV 25431, United States of America

Telephone: (304) 492-4182

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