Technology of the Century
By: Matthew Caird, Arjun Nekkanti

Surface Pro 3

This is the Surface Pro 3 .It is a tablet like an iPad, but can be used as a laptop. Just like a laptop it has a USB port for flash drive. It runs adobe software plus it has windows 8 installed. This product is sweeping the nation with all of its new features.

iPad Air 2

This is the iPad Air 2.The new design, makes the iPad much thinner and lighter. It now has the security feature of iTouch. The new feature of iSight, is the most advanced camera apple has invented. Though it has all these new features the iPad will always be the number one tablet. Now take a look at this video

Apple iPad Air 2 Video

PlayStation 4

This is the PlayStation 4. This machine does it all; plays movies, games, and can also search the web. This is the latest model in the series, coming after the PlayStation 3. The newly modified PlayStation has better graphics and many details. The new features will blow your mind, when using a PlayStation 4.

Beats: Studio

These are beats by Dr. Dre. They are one of the best headphones in the market.They play music like no other headphones you can find.The Bluetooth feature in the beats, gets rid of all those wires. The smooth sound that personifies your music, will make you feel like your in heaven.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.It is the latest model in the Galaxy Note series.The huge screen gives you an easier way of using the phone, and with the stylus added on writing on the phone and texting just became your best friend.On the Galaxy Note 4 you can now multi-task, for example watch a movie and at the same time text your friends. Though the screen may feel a little big at first, once you get used to it the phone is divine.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Video

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