Why You Shouldn't Drink

By:Kenya Jones

By: Kenya Jones

Q:  Why Shouldn't Kids Drink Beer or any Alcoholic beverage?

A:  To start it off any alcoholic beverage causes memory loss,lack of coordination, and killing of the brain cells. Alcohol can make a teen's intestinal lining burn  and liver dramatically fail and the affects are fatal. It also makes the muscle pain and dizziness nicknamed "Hangover". Alcohol kills 5,000 underage kids a year and by 2020 70% of teens will at least had one drink under the age of 18.

Q:What are the affects?

A: Memory loss ,lack of sleep, Vomiting, Alcohol poisoning, Death, Blood flow to the skin, Emotional Mood Swings, slurred speech, Dizziness, weight,

Q: Whats the good effects about it?

A: Relaxation, Cleans Kidneys if you drink just a shot.

Conclusion: Don't drink It!


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