Domestic electrical testing

Our Domestic electrical testing detect even a small diameter smoke particles, the invisible products of combustion, and are most effective in the case of flaming fires. After testing the equipment if detected as more than ten years old, we consider replacing it to maintain optimal detection capabilities of deadly smoke in your home. To electrical testing of the alarms which are connected to a security system, check it frequently to ensure that the smoke alarm is working.

In icheckit we offer you Electrical testing services of the testing alarms. The person who checks the appliance should be able to test the equipment safely and effectively, must have an understanding of the construction of the equipment, the requirements of the standard, the dangers of electricity and the legislative requirements. The Standard specifies the minimum testing and inspection intervals for electrical equipment. Our professional technicians will help you out in all aspects. Our commitment to strive for customer satisfaction as we provide the quality service. Icheckit provides RCD fuse replacement service in a provided with the ultimate level of protection.

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