Gender Neutral Educational Games

Gender differences within games can contribute to its success by specifically targeting one gender. The visuals and activities may be more appealing to a specific gender and attract more players.

Gender neutral games should be more successful because they are targeting a larger group. I think the success of a game lies within the quality of the graphics and whether it is visually appealing to children. Other characteristics that can lead to success are sounds within the game and the activity itself.

The Counting Fish game that I found on ABCYA! is a gender neutral, fun, colorful, and exciting game that allows first grade students to practice their counting skills. The students are able to click on each fish to keep track of which ones they already counted. The game is interactive with sounds and colorful graphics such as; fish, octopus, clam, sharks, submarines, sea monsters, etc. There are several levels and each level has even more fish to count, so it gets a little bit more challenging as they progress.

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