Leisure and Free time

Welcome! we are a group of four students (Ana Ramirez, Natalia Ledesma, Marta Luque, and Joaquin Tamargo) from IES Velázquez (a Sevillian high school) that had made a research to see what people in the class do in their free time. What will they answer?

We've made a survey in which 30 boys and girls answered these questions. We first asked if they prefer hanging out rather than staying home. A 93,5% said that they would rather hang out. However, a 6,5 % prefer sataying at home. We can say that in general, Spanish people prefer going out. We also asked people in the class if they prefer reading a book instead of listening music when they are bored. A percentage of 87% people would rather listen music and a 13% prefer reading a book.

Spanish people is used to watch TV and that is what our research shows. A 50% watch TV between 1 and 2 hours, a 41% watch it more than 2 hours and only a 9% don't watch it more than 1 hour. Men watch the television more than women in our class.

We have a very athletic class. At least, only three people out of 12 never do sport. A 70% do sport between 1 and 2 hours. In conclusion, boys practise sport more than girls.

On the other hand, 100% of boys like watching football. 50 % woman like watching footbal. In our city there are two important football teams, Real Betis Balompié and Sevilla Fútbol Club. 39% of the class is supporter of Real Betis, and a 56% is fan of Sevilla FC. Other people prefer other clubs, like Cadiz FC or Murcia FC, Real Madrid or Barcelona.

We asked our class if they prefer living in a city or in a village, and a 90% answer that they would rather live in a city. However, only a 10% prefer living in a village.

Do you like Seville and its opportunities to have a great time?

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