TRENDING NEWS:  Tuesday, Jan 20th, 2015

Breaking: Cardiac Surgeon Shot at Boston Hospital

[CBS Boston]

BOSTON (CBS) — A doctor was critically wounded in a shooting at Brigham and Women’s Hospital on Tuesday morning, officials said.

The suspected shooter was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a second-floor examining room, next to the weapon believed to be used in the shooting, Boston police said.

“At this time there is no threat out there,” Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said.

The doctor, identified by a WBZ-TV source as a male cardiac surgeon, is in critical condition after he was shot twice, officials said.

“His colleagues got him as quickly as possible over to the emergency room,” Evans said.

Hospital officials said the shooting was in the Shapiro building, where the cardiovascular unit is located, at about 11 a.m.

“The situation at BWH is under control,” the hospital said on Twitter. “Boston Police have assured us that the hospital is safe.”

The names of the gunman and doctor have not yet been released.

The suspect came into the hospital asking for that particular doctor, police said.

“There was a particular reason why he targeted this doctor,” Evans said. “Why and for what particular reason, we’re looking into.”

Police said they received a report that a doctor had been shot in the area between the waiting room and examining rooms in the Shapiro Center at 11:07 a.m. Evans said people barricaded themselves in their offices while police searched the floor and secured the area.

Hospital staff and police have done several training exercises based on this scenario.

“We prepare for these sorts of emergencies,” said Dr. Betsy Nabel, president of the hospital. “The reason we prepare is so we can respond in a rapid and appropriate manner.”

There are no metal detectors at Brigham and Women’s, a hospital spokeswoman said, adding she believed other Boston hospitals do not use them either.

A hospital visitor whose son was getting a heart procedure done Tuesday described a chaotic scene.

“A security guard came in and said we need to evacuate the building immediately,” James Patelli told WBZ-TV. “People started yelling ‘get down, get down.'”

Another patient at the hospital told WBZ-TV that people in the building got a warning through the public address system to stay in place.

“I want to reassure you that the hospital is now safe and secure,” the hospital president said on Facebook. “Please be sure you are touch with your family to let them know that you are safe.”

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