Be Safe and travel ON…..

Travel for long enough and one day you wake up to realize, I am not travelling but I am living! India is the country of rich culture and heritage which is often visited by tourists and domestic people. Also the world is filled with lovely, breath taking and heart touching places which you’re yet to discover. With rising needs and improved lifestyle, people are now travelling frequently for business, pleasure or work purpose etc. Recently a research has claimed that Indian travelers want to explore foreign shores of Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand and France in 2015, being the top dream destinations in the next 24 months. The survey concludes that Indians have their sights set on foreign shores with the average number of international trips set to increase by 45%.

Of these, 52% indicate that they plan to do so because they feel vacations are something they and their family deserve and 46% say it is because they are going somewhere on their 'wish list'. Indians are estimated to spend an average of Rs 255,100 on travel in 2015, up 17% year over year.

At the time of travelling the most important factor is the security of your life. While going for holiday you won’t go without your tickets or your passport, but many of us happily set off without travel insurance. You do not want anything to ruin your hard earned holiday or your crucial business meeting. But there is a possibility of some unexpected occurrence no matter how perfect the planning is. Ask yourself, what happens if you fall ill when you are overseas and need medical treatment? Or if the airline goes bust and you can't reach your destination? At times, if you don't have the right insurance cover in place, your dream holiday could turn into a nightmare - with bills running into tens of thousands of rupees. Apart from this unfortunate events such as baggage loss, passport loss or an accident might also take place.

After going through the pool of problems you must have realized how purchasing an adequate travel insurance policy for both yourselves and in the case of dependents, those we are travelling with can be the most important purchase we make. Be it for work or for pleasure, travelling can at times get risky and it is always wise to be prepared for unforeseen events. Having Travel Insurance protects you from all such threatening problems. It ensures that in the unknown place you are not left stranded in any kind of an emergency.

Technically, Travel insurance is a cover for the risks you might face in your trip, overseas or domestic. Typically, it covers death, personal accident, medical expenses, repatriation, loss/ delay of checked baggage, passport loss and third party liability.

Travel insurance premiums can vary a great deal and, whilst it's important that you are getting good value for money, it is equally important that you are choosing the right level of cover that suits your needs. Extras can always be added for advantages on but a basic policy should include the following levels of cover.

  • Traveling to a location, particularly abroad, where you have a higher chance of getting seriously ill
  • Planning adventurous or dangerous activities, like white water rafting, scaling a mountain, or hunting wildlife
  • Traveling with expensive luggage or important business documents
  • Visiting a dangerous political climate, like a country that’s at war, unstable, or vulnerable to attacks, or a place with high kidnapping risks
  • The cost of travel insurance depends on a number of factors such as age, the duration of your trip, the country or place you plan to visit along with the benefits included in the plan. The premium is generally charged on a slab basis which are pre-defined and you need to select the one you fall into.

    Though there are numerous travel plans available at the click of the mouse, an individual has to take due care in selecting the correct plan based on the coverage provided rather than considering the premium factor alone.