Lift Every Voice And Sing Poem!

Mrs.Chavis, March 12,2014

Line With The Greatest Impact:   "Led Us Into The Light" (Line 26)

Speaker And Audience: Slaves And God- God Of Our Weary Tears, God Of Our Silent Tears

Subject Adressed:  Freedom and Uplifting And Encouragement

Theme: Just Because Things Wrong Keep The Faith

Tone: Uplifting And Happy

Sensory Details: Heaven Ring(2) Led Us Into The Light(26)

Imagery:Let Us March On To Victory Is Won(10)

Figurative Lang: Drunk With The Wine Of The World(29) Let It Resound Loud As The Rolling Sea(6)

Unfamilar Voc: Gleem And Weary

Repetition:   Freedom And Faith And Liberty

The Image For Line With The Greatest Impact.

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