Jewish Girl risks all for German Boy

By:Tamara Stephenson
6th hour

Summer of my German Soldier is the book to read. It involves hardships never seen before. Imagine being a twelve year old girl hiding a prisoner of war and risking your life and freedom.

Patty Bergen is the main character of this adventurous novel. Patty experiences things that normal twelve year old kids don't. Patty is very brave, but is abused and ridiculed by her father who thinks she is no good.

Patty hides and feeds a German soldier named Anton, knowing the consequences of her actions. Patty and Anton soon fall in love, but the rest is for you to read.

Ruth is a mother Patty never had. Ruth is the maid of the house, and protects Patty in many ways. Ruth soon found out about Anton, and what she did you will have to see when you read Summer of my German Soldier.

Patty always felt as if she was no good, but Anton made her feel different. Anton gives something that is very precious to him to Patty. Patty was devastated when he left because it wasn't safe for him to be with her. Soon after Anton died.

Patty's mother and father soon found out about Anton, and sent Patty to The Bolton Reformatory (as shown above).


1. This book's two main characters are Patty and Anton.

2. The story's setting is in Jenkinsville, Arkansas.

3. This story takes place when Hitler was ruling.

4. Patty is 12 years old, and Anton is in his 20's.

5. Summer of my German Soldier was written by Bette Green in 1973.

As you can see "Summer of my German Soldier" is the book to read!!!

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