Skills and Characteristics you need to work in the IT industry.

The technical skills you need to be a software developer are an understanding of hardware, software, programming languages such Java, project management skills and time management skills

The working procedures that you would have to follow in an IT job are no food or drink near the computers. Do not give out your passwords and change them regularly(6 weeks). Do not let other use your computer

The health and safety issues that you might come across in ICT are the desks are too low/too high or too long. Trailing wires that you could trip over, eyesight, back issues, hand issues.

The Interpersonal skills you will need in an ICT job is following all the instructions, communicating with others being sociable working with others such as meetings and also teamwork.

The planning skills you will need in an ICT job is being organised, making big tasks into smaller tasks, work faster by giving each individual a task to get it done, teamwork also meeting your deadlines.

The numeric skills you will need in an ICT job are basic maths such as working out percentages and other equations using excel to work out formals.

The creativity skills you will need in an ICT job is brainstorming different ideas creation, and solving problems.

The attitudes that will be needed for an ICT job is you will need to be independent, a lot of confidence, self motivation, very good leadership and determined to get things done.

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