Advances In Genetics

What is genetics?

Genetics is the study of heredity and variation of inherited characteristics. Unless you have an identical twin, you're genes are unique and your own. All of your genes have been passed down from generation to generation from your parents, your parent's parents, etc.

You can obtain feature like eye color, hair color, ADHD, Bipolar, and many other things from your parents.

Scientists have been studying genetics for a while now. It is very important they do so because they can use the information they get to try and cure, prevent, and treat more illnesses and sicknesses.

This is Austrian Monk, Gregor Mendel. All of his experiments that he did in the mid-19th century helped lead us to the discovery of basic mechanism of heredity and genetics.

Your genetics are like instructions on how your body needs to preform certain things. For example, they enable muscles to move, control digestion, build bones, and keep your heart beating.

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