Missing Plane

Brayden Burke

1. The event/issue that inspired this cartoon is CNN's non-stop coverage of the missing Malaysia Airliner.

2. The only real person in this cartoon is CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

3. The CNN logo represent CNN. The family represents people bewildered by the seemingly perpetual news stories on the missing plane.

4. The cartoonist's opinion is that people are getting tired of CNN's coverage of the missing Malaysia Airliner.

5. I agree with the cartoonist's opinion because nothing has been found. The only evidence of the plane is those boxes at the bottom of the ocean. So many other things have happened. This morning, there was a shooting. I didn't know that until abut an hour after it happened, and after talking about the shooting for about 2 minutes, they continued talking about the plane. So many other, more important, current, pressing matters are at hand. Suicide bombers killed over 50 in Iraq. There was a mass stabbing at a high school. Another shooting. Tornadoes killed at least 16 yesterday. They still haven't recovered all of the bodies from the mudslide in Oso. A cruise ship sunk off the coast of South Korea, killing over a hundred teenagers and causing the Prime Minister of South Korea to step down. There are way more things that CNN should be covering, and they've talked so much about this missing plane that it isn't even news anymore

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