Email Etiquette

By Redmond Reed

1.Professionalism,efficiency,protection from liability is needed for a company to look reliable and professional.

2.Answer quickly;people wish to get an answer when they send out an email so they may know this is a actual place where they can get an answer.

3.Do not write in CAPS. It is called online screaming and no one likes to be screamed at especially from a company or a place.

4.Don’t text speak. It is informal and kinda rude and you don't even look close to professional.

5.Include a greeting. Everyone likes it when their known their welcomed into a conversation or a place.

6.Mind your manners. Its not professional when you yell at someone and get angry. People don’t like people who yell at them. Its common sense.

7.If you’re writing a teacher about a project or assignment, make sure you give some background information.

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