Some people say depression is a phase or that people are "faking" it, but depression cannot be faked and is more then a phase. Sometimes, the mind creates a mental image of happiness and makes it seem so far away and as people try to reach what they see they blind themselves of what they have, and forget to be happy. Being depressed is more then just sadness, it is your mind telling you things that aren't true, but hearing them over and over again in your mind slowly make you start to believe that they're real, or true.

Others tend to notice that something is wrong before you do, they will ask and worry, but but never know how to help. Some will assume they know the problem, and try to fix it themselves while only making the issue worse.

Often, people with depression will change in many ways. They'll start to become a different person, not doing things they used to enjoy, not being as happy as they usually are. Sometimes, people who are depressed try to cover up their sadness and become "over happy" meaning, they laugh more often, and try to turn everything into a joke.

People who try to hide it have already realized what has happened to them, and don't want others to say anything to them. Sometimes, depression can lead to other issues such as self-harm, over sleeping, not going out as much as they used to, not having normal eating habits, etc.

Many things can lead a person to depression such as, music they're introduced to, memories, family history, things they see and/ or read, the way people treat them, home issues, and very many more.

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