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Murph's Heroic Adventure

Murph was young girl who lived on a corn farm with her father, grandfather, and brother. she was always getting into trouble with her teacher's at school, because of her beliefs. when her father worked for NASA he had a ton of books from when he was getting ready to go into space. her dad would tell her everything he knew about space, but when she brought in one of his books she was told that everything in the book was wrong and rebelled

Murph was deeply upset when her father left on bad terms with her. cooper only left Murph because he thought he was saving her. She was his motive to save the world. he figured id he could find this new world then they could be together with out anything wrong happening, but what the professor didn't tell cooper was that he wasn't actually coming home. when her father was gone for 23 years and her professor was on his death bed, he told Murph that her father wasn't coming home, and that he had the answers to all the equations.

Murph wanted to prove to her father that her didn't need to leave to save the world.

At the end of the movie her father was trying to get her to tell. cooper not to leave because he would regret it and miss his kids growing up.

Coopers ghost was using Morse code to get Murph to tell cooper to stay and not leave.

There wasn't much of a test for Murph to pass she just saved everyone from dying.

Getty had helped murph save her family

all the information she needed to save the world was in the equations.

she figured out that everything can be changed with the right answers.

she found out that her father did care and only left because he thought he was saving her.

murph didn't change anything about her self

finding the other planet

yes she saved everyone.

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