Day Has Gone By

By: Zach Sloniker   4/16/14

Two years gone by,
since I’ve taken this ride.
The day, still fresh
with the smell of dew on the grass.
Beams of light atop the trees to the east,
but still a sign of rest in the west.
No matter, there’s a journey to embark.
This journey, although beautiful,

I’m as restless as a toddler
in a grocery store attempting to break free
of mother’s reach.
Accept I’m pinned in a silver 2006 Chevy Uplander
with rust on the bumper,
and a dent in the hood from this very trip
two years ago.

Tap, tap, tap, tap,
nonstop against the window similar to a wood pecker.
Finally getting a jab from Syd
and a howl from dad,
“Shut up! I’m trying to drive.”
Resting my head on the pillow
gazing through an endless stream of cars.
My eyes grew heavy,


Awake in a panic,
mom clutched my arm to calm me.
I realize we have reached the cabin.
The day has gone by,
just with some sleep.
The long wooden patio,
creaking with every step.
The old fishing dock
camouflaged in spider webs from poor management.
It’s all still here.

I still love that cabin
at Cass Lake, Minnesota.
Now, I also like the car ride.
It lets me catch up on sleep in the heat of summer.

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