Please Come To Somalia

By Laura-Kathryn G.

Waris Dirie

Waris Dirie had twelve children. When she was thirteen she ran away from her country because she had to marry an old man and she did not want to. She went to London and a photographer found her. The photographer took her to her uncle.She is still alive to this day. She is a model and stands up for human rights.

Advise about customs and coutesies

When we greet a relative, we say Hello and the name of who that person is. For example, "Hello, Uncle." or, "Hello, Father.". We also use our hands to add more expression to our talking.


When you eat food here, it is a culture that you have to eat away from your opposite gender. For example, if you are a boy, you have to eat away from the girls. You can eat in another room, another hut, it does not matter as long as you're AWAY from the girls.


Our houses are made out of metal, animal skin, and dirt. The houses are called huts. The roof is made out of metal, the walls are made out of animal skin, and the floor is made out of dirt or sand.

Schools and Hospitals

We only have private schools because of the collapse of the government. That is one reason why girls can't be educated. Another reason why girls can't go to school is because girls are supposed to clean the house and tend to the younger children. We don't have a health care or hospital system. You have to travel a very long way if you are sick or have an emergency.

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