Jonathan Keller of Sarasota: Creative Cocktails

Jonathan Keller of Sarasota knows how to liven any occasion, and his creative cocktails are usually a great start to the evening. His delectable creations in mixology will tantalize the senses of any person who wishes to be cast under their spell. He has a background that is rich in Latin and Caribbean culture, which are usually most applied through festive events as the bright nature of these culture is often associated with celebration and the importance of being surrounded by family and loved ones in a festive setting. Below, he shares what his most delectable cocktails are, which can be featured at one of his private parties.

Blackberry Mojito

With crushed blackberries, mint, rum, sugar, simple syrup and lime, Jonathan Keller’s Sarasota Blackberry Mojito is a great day or early evening drink that is both refreshing and tantalizing and can serve as a great starter to a night of dancing under the Havana moon.

Cosmic Cosmo

With vodka, cranberry, lime, triple sec and a martini gas rimmed with Pop Rocks, one can do incredible things. Jonathan Keller of Sarasota’s Cosmic Cosmo is a perfect example of his ability to create a party in your mouth through one of his outstanding signature drinks.

Fire Chaser

For those who want to get some serious heat in their life, Keller’s Fire Chaser has nuclear levels of kick that chase a thick and strong texture that preps the mouth for the fire coming from above. The drink contains fireball, jalapeno-infused tequila and hot sauce.

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