Brighton Beach Memoirs
by Daisy Hernandez

The Great Depression

It was the deepest and longest economic down fall in the western industrialized world. In the US the Great Depression began when the stock went down in October 1929 which sent wall street and lost millions. Years after consumers spending and investment dropping , causing steep decline in the industrial rising level of unemployment as failing laying off workers. President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the less of the Great depression in the 1930's .

Colleges in the 1930's

The college California College of Arts gives you the time to write or focus on whatever you want to write about. The tuition in the 1930's was about $400 room broads were $520 and books were $35 . The major differences between now and then is that college was so cheap back then and now they ask for more money. The mascot is a mythological

For college you have to depend on your self for everything so the gas prices were pretty cheat too and as well for food , and a new car. All these things you need to live on your own for college and make sure you also have a goof paying job so you can have what you need.

Stan's Apology Letter

I'm writing this letter to tell you that i am very sorry for being disrespectful. The way you were talking to the customers should have been left alone. I shouldn't have given my opinion. Should have just cleaned it with out any questions. Sweeping the dirt to your feet was bad and again i am so sorry.

You should hire me back because i work very hard for you. I go in early, get called in if needed, go into overtime. All the things i do for work reflect on my family. We all have bills to pay so I'm asking to give me another chance to prove you wrong.

Again I'm sorry for what I've done it was wrong. I learned my lesson and it won't be done again. So please give me another chance. This will mean a lot to me if you did and a lot to my family so i can bring money to the table.

Broadway Show

The Broadway show The Loin King is about a baby cub that look ups to his dad but later his dad gets killed. After he dies he leaves the life that he had and finds new friends and taught him all these new things. Later he went back to where he lived and saw his evil uncle that killed his dad took over. They fought and Simba took over after and they all lived with no problems. The tickets to this show are $92 per person. The Lion King made it in Broadway in 1997.

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