By: Biye Belew

Tornadoes are most common in the US, tornadoes are very destructive, they can kill within seconds and can be a mile wide!

Why are tornadoes destructive?

They are twisters with massive wind and can destroy anything in its path and can destroy anything in its path. Tornadoes are so destructive that it can destroy a whole town less than 10 minutes. They can throw heavy debris such as cars, trees, and even trains! These can be really deadly when it strikes someone. Things to identify if there's a tornado ahead, dark greenish sky, large hail, and a loud roar.

How does it form, and what are the weather elements?

To form it needs thunder clouds. And it needs warm moist from the south and dry cool air from the north to actually spin horizontally. They form in violent thunderstorms when there is sufficient instability and wind shear present in the lower atmosphere, they even form in sunny days.

This photo was captured at Billings Montana

Do tornadoes only happen in America, if not where do they occur?

No, because they happen in Moscow Russia, Pakistan, even Vietnam. There are different kind of tornadoes such as: waterspouts, gustnadoses, landspouts, and dust devil.

Usually in different countries even the US has supercells. Supercells are thunderstorms that can cause one of the biggest tornadoes to occur. They also cause golf size hails, more deadly lightnings. Supercells can happen anywhere if the area has a right condition. With supercells, tornadoes can form less than a minute.

Photo captured by Medicine Lodge

Wrap UP

About 60-100 die from a tornado every year, most deaths are from tornadoes carrying flying debris.  The worst tornado in history is the Tri-State, it killed about 700 people and injure about 2,000 people.


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