Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

J. Fortner

Telephone- 1875

Alexander Graham Bell

The significance of the telephone is so you can call from room to room telling someone information about something. Also this invention helped revolutionize businesses and personal communication. This invention impacted businesses because you no longer had to wait for a response so the products could be delivered without the wait of an answer. Also if somebody needed to speak to someone, they didn't have to track them down, you could just call them.

Light Bulb-1879

Thomas Alva Edison

The invention of the lightbulb was a significant milestone in human history because it eliminated peoples dependence on candles and oil lamps, and created an easier way to light houses at night. When the lightbulb and electricity were first invented however, it was sometimes unreliable, but as time passed and technology improved, the lightbulb changed the ways the people lived their day-to-day lives.


Christopher Sholes

The typewriter was invented to help writers type faster and a quicker way to send mail. Also it helps people in businesses. For example, the newspaper would benefit from this because they could finish typing the news faster than writing it. This also helped journalists and people who wanted to quickly send mail back a fourth to each other. The typewriting was a huge impact on today's world because now we use updated versions called computers to send mail instantly.

automatic lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy

The automatic lubricator provides for the continuous flow of oil on the gears and other moving parts of a machine in order to keep it lubricated properly and continuous and thereby do away with the necessity of shutting down the machine periodically. The device would be adjusted and modified in order to apply it to different types of machinery. Versions of the cup would soon be used in steam engines, naval vessels, oil-drilling rigs, mining equipment, in factories and construction sites.


Thomas Edison

The phonograph was invented so that you could play back what you recorded. This was useful back then because being able to play a sound whenever you wanted, inspired people to get into music, at their leisure. It opened up new possibilities in entertainment and communication.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Automatic dishwashers represent a tremendous saving in time and effort. They minimize breakage through reduced handling of dishes. They also help keep the kitchen neater and more clutter-free. This makes and cleanup after a meal so much easier. These are benefits that have much appeal to consumers.

carbon filament-1882

Lewis Latimer

The carbon-filament bulb was actually highly inefficient, but it banished the soot and fire hazards of coal-gas jets and thus soon gained wide acceptance.

gasoline-powered automobile-1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The purpose of the gasoline powered car is that it saves time, money, and electricity. It also is more work to charge a car, so a gasoline powered car is more convenient. It may be more money but you can drive far a longer period of time.

Hand held Camera-1888

George Eastman

The purpose is so you don't have to carry a camera stand around. It is more efficient because you can just put the camera in your pocket instead of carrying a bag with the camera and the stand. These cameras are used today to capture memories and special moments in life using a small device to take your picture.

Escalator- 1891

The significance of an escalator is so that people who shop in a store do not have to worry about carrying heavy item or bags up and down the stairs. This helps people who are in need of help and people who are injured and may have crutches. These are used today in stores for many of those reasons to help the people in the world.

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