Name: Fluorine     Density: 1.696 g/L (at 0 °C, 101.325 kPa)     Melting Point: 53.53k (-219.52 degrees c -363.32 degrees f)      Metal? Non-metal: NONMETAL       Symbol: F

Atomic Number: 9     Boiling Point: 85.036     Ionization Energy: 17.423ev     Ionic Radius: 0.136 nm (-1); 0.007 (+7)     Electronegativity: 4     Atomic Radius: 42 pm     Electron Configuration: 1s, 2s, 2p(5)     Common Ions: F-      Who Discovered Fluorine?: Henri Moissan      How was it discovered?: He used an apparatus constructed from platinum.     When was it discovered?: 1886     Where was it discovered?: France     Modern days of how we get it: from halogen     Where do we use Fluorine?: We use Fluorine in refrigerators, toothpaste and rocket fuels.      Elements it interacts with: Nitrogen and Oxygen     Crustal Abundance: 5.85×102 milligrams per kilogram     Ocean Abundance:  1.3 milligrams per liter     Fluorine is NATURAL!     

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