5 Mobile Apps for Elementary Learning

By: Sally Cleminson

There are as many unique learning styles, personalities andneeds of students as there are colours in a paint pallet. Mobile learning through the thousands of apps available to educators today can help address these kids and how they learn best. The five apps I will describe in this Tackk, that suggest just a few creative ways to make learning accessible and fun, are:

1) Animation Creator HD Express Lite

2) Math Motion: Zoom

3) Fill the Cup

4) Video Science

5) Alphabet Projector

Animation Creator HD Express Lite

"With simple, yet powerful drawing tools, shake to undo, color palettes, color sliders, and easy to use frame management; only limited by the imagination. Animations look smooth and life-like with the high frame rate playback of Animation Creator HD."

Includes these fantastic features:
• Audio
• A beautiful, easy to use interface
• Smooth high-quality drawing
• Full screen editing
• Layers
• Paint brush
• Pencil
• Spray can
• Eraser
• Line
• Rectangle
• Line width selection
• Circle
• Select/Cut/Copy/Paste/Scale
• Undo/Redo
• Import images from photo library
• Frame rotation
• Color selection palettes
• Zooming and panning

Concrete example of usage: arranged in partners, a grade 6 class learning to draw human features could use this app on their classroom iPads to create portraits of each other, possibly using imported photos to mirror their work. The various editing, colouring and framing abilities of this app could possibly make the illustrations more lifelike.

Math Motion: Zoom

"Motion Math Zoom is a fun, engaging way for children to master a foundational pillar of math: place value. Master numbers, negatives, and decimals with this animal adventure!"

Concrete example of usage: Math Motion: Zoom can be used in a grade 5 classroom exploring negative numbers for the first time through interactive games that children can play in partners or groups on classroom iPads. For a homework assignment, they could solidify their understanding by drawing out number line posters inspired from the animal themes as shown in the games.

Fill the Cup

"Four math games allow children to experience math concepts through manipulation. One such game is Rods, which is an addition/subtraction game that uses different sized rods side by side to show how two numbers make up another one. The child selects the rod that makes up the missing piece."

Concrete example of usage: A teacher could give a Pecha-Kocha style lecture before giving a class of third-graders a chance to play with the filling cup activities to further cement their understanding of fractions. The visuals and interactive nature of "Fill the Cup" make this cementing that much easier! Real-life examples of water in measuring cups could follow a bout of student-learning with this app.

Video Science

"A growing library of over 80 hands-on Science lessons that are great for home and the classroom. These short videos demonstrate inexpensive and easy to recreate experiments that are designed to inspire and excite kids of all ages."

Concrete example of usage: This app would be excellent in a grade 11 chemistry class that is reviewing their chemical equations before a unit test. The visual aids of live experiments (how certain chemicals react against each other, chemicals' physical features, etc.) in these videos can help with memorization, especially if the students are instructed to jot down some observation notes from what they're watching (naming the chemicals, processes, matching equations with the experiments on the video).

Alphabet Projector

"Target Apps Sight Words Projector is an educational sight words app developed for the iPad to utilize its projection capabilities. The app is available for use in whole class instruction; it is ideal for independent learning, one on one instruction or when connecting a projector for use during whole class instruction."

Concrete example of usage: a kindergarten teacher could use this app once a week for children to practice a new and exciting way to learn and memorize the alphabet in class, as a class.

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