Career Research Project

Taylan Reeves, Probation Officer

Professional Requirements-

* Computer skills

* Communication skills

* Willing to help people better their lives

* some science skills and drug knowledge

Education Requirements-

* CCNP certificate in computer science vbrk.tjs,m

*BS or BA degree in diversification

*BS or BA degree in Language

* JD degree in Law

The college i wish to go to and receive my education is Western Illinois University. The reason I have chosen this college is because I don't want to be too far away from home and they have the best law enforcement program in Illinois. They also offer great opportunities such as; helping you find a career in your field and their dorms are the cheapest any college in Illinois offers.

Western also gives you good hands on training and you get to have opportunities to have an internship in your career. They try to help you the best financially with student aid. Also they work with you on your schedules to work around jobs you may have and or family or transportation you have.

The words I live by are, "Life is not a question to be answered but an event to be experienced." - Gay Larson  This quote has motivated me to do things and make changes in my life. Not only did it teach me not to live with regrets but to try new things and let the past go because you never know what the future holds.

The person in my life that serves as my role model would be Mark Larson. Although he's not here anymore, He motivated me and continues to do the same. He taught me not to let people get the best of me. Live for what makes me happy not what pleases others. Anytime I needed anything or just someone to talk to Mark was always there. I still feel like if I'm having a ruff day that if I close my eyes I can still talk to him and he will continue to help me through anything.

Mark Also was like a father figure to me since I don't actually talk to my real dad or step dad. He taught me how to drive and how to cook everything. He always gave me money even though I never asked. That's just the type of person Mark was. He even was excited about buying me my first car. Although Mark didn't make it to see my 16th birthday to buy me a car, I still know that it was the thought that counted and that he's glad I used part of the money he gave me to buy myself one.

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