Why Is The Moon Important To Earth?
James Hagebusch
6th hour

the moon is important for lots of reasons... the tides, light, and other things.

The Moons Role

The roles of the moon are tides, orbit, eclipses, lunar, and many more. Moon revolutions is the moon rotating around earth. The moon is very important to earth. Tides are controlled by earth. There is a lot more to explain.

phases are the portion of the moon we see at night. There are only 8 phases for it. The moon goes in clockwise direction. Sometimes you can't see the moon. It is either full or new moon.

tides are affected by the moons gravity. The high tide is close to the moon. Low tide is on top and bottom of earth. Tides rise and lower because of gravity. Now we will explain lunar and solar eclipses.

Solar eclipses are when the sun and moon come together and makes the earth become dark for a few minutes. You have to wear special glasses to see this event or you will become blind. Lunar eclipses is when the moon is on the other side of earth but it creates a new moon. No special glasses needed. Now I will explain what will happen if the moon disappeared.

what happens if the moon disappeared or floated away? Moon actually helps stabilize earth's gravity. If it disappears it would affect tides, gravity, orbit, and other things. The moons gravity affects earths water. That is why the moon is important to earth.

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