The world of the Cats

the world of the
siberian cat.  

The Siberian cat is an age-old longhaired cat. It is quite common in northern Russia, including in the area of St. Petersburg, even though that is not in Siberia. Its dense coat protects him from the intense cold. Sometimes he also called Siberian Forest Cat. The cat who we now know as Siberian Cat, is much better known to Russians as the street.

It is a medium to large cat with medium length hair. Interestingly, the thick legs and large rounded head which everything seems to be. Adult males weigh about 6-8 pounds. Females weigh between 4 and 6 pounds, although smaller cats occur.They are in different colors but usually white.

They're happy to help with the laundry to fold, mopping floors and cleaning windows and like to sit with you on the edge of your bath, and then play nice with the water. because they love water and sometimes happens that they socialize you bathe jump.Hugging is a favorite pastime of almost every Siberian cat plus they are extremely useful in getting their way. Not only the people with whom they live, but also unknowns are loving and tenacious 'captured'. It is the perfect playmate. They are happy in the company of children.

The grooming does not cost too much time, because the cat has a water-repellent coat that virtually cleans itself. Outside the shedding you the coat once a week brushing.

I dont have a Siberian cat but maybe later i wil take one.

they are very sweet and i like this cat.

maybe if you

Tackk it up!

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