Clinton Cash

In the wake of Hillary Clinton's presidential announcement, Peter Schweizer published his book "Clinton Cash" to inform voters.  This book is an expose of the Clinton's questionable financial status and has significantly damaged Hillary's reputation.  The book presents details of how the Clinton's accepted monetary donations from foreign governments to their foundation in exchange for contract deals and political favors.

Kyle Smith also joined in on this cause last week on the New York post.  He promotes the book claiming that it will finally bring the Clintons to justice. He outlines to the readers just some of the scandalous activities that they engaged in while holding public office.  What I found interesting is that the Clintons entered office as one of the poorest presidential couples ever and then left as one of the richest.  In this article he explains how Hillary unethically acquired money in her time as secretary of state.

James Freedman also weighed in on the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  He highlights the fact that when Hillary became secretary of state her husband Bill went from doing talks for free, to being paid as much as $700,000 for a single talk.  He states "the new Clinton Doctrine seems to hold that wherever freedom and the rule of law are threatened, wherever corruption reigns and individual liberties are denied—there is money to be made."  This is the dominant idea throughout the entire Clinton Cash book.  

With the appropriate publicity this book has the potential to completely destroy Hillary Clinton's political career and even get her tried on corruption charges.  While some media outlets try to downplay the significance of the book and her actions, others make sure the public is aware.  The upcoming election will be a great example of how the media can impact who is voted into office.

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