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Five Mobile Apps useful in the classroom


This free app is dedicated to the art of organization. With this app you can save and record notes, audio recordings, ideas and snapshots. Research and class note taking are made easy, easily record voice memos, snap photos. Everything that you record is organized simply and efficiently in the app and can be easily accessed on the fly. Everything that you collect and record using Evernote on your mobile device you can sync with your iphone or home computer. This app is useful for all students K-12 that might take notes in their classes. This app is specifically appropriate for higher grade levels that focus on recording more information, however, it could be used efficiently for younger grades as well.

A concrete example of the functionality of Evernote is a grade 11 student using Evernote to record and organize their class notes, the student can use Evernote to record the teacher if they come over and offer personalized clarification on the concept or topic.

A specific example of the functionality of Evernote is a grade 9 student using Evernote to keep track of group discussion, ideas and decisions using the audio recording capabilities of this application. Later the student could share his voice memos with other students that also possess the app.


This free app is an excellent for student research. This app offers access to over 30,000 articles, podcasts and videos all in one place! The simple and easy all in one functionality is an asset with so much information at your fingertips. This app acts almost as an informal journal database, it is a good place for students to start when researching a topic or exploring a concept, probably much better than starting with wikipedia. The app gives instant access to a massive collection of articles and podcasts right on your mobile device, and direct access to our famous podcasters and HowStuffWorks experts. This app is appropriate for students of all ages. Obviously much of the content must be read, but the podcasts can be listened too, allowing younger students to also access material on the device. This app would likely be best utalized in a high school or middle school setting.

A concrete example of the functionality of this app is a student using the research functionality of the app to learn more about a new research project focused on the cell. The student accesses a variety of articles and podcasts with his group and they begin to make notes.

A specific example of the functionality of this app is a grade 9 student using the application to learn more about the concept of globalization. After reading the introductory paragraph in his textbook (which was somewhat confusing), he efficiently uses the rest of his time to look at both sides of the issue before the class reconvenes.


iHomework is a paid application that allows students to manage assignments, due dates, course schedules and  organize reading assignments and extra-curricular activities. This multitasking assistant ensures that students stay on top of their homework, important dates and other assignments. The app includes a course schedule so you can keep on top of your day and keeps track of extra curriculars as well. This app is a one stop, do it all app. It is an effective substituion for a daily planner, allowing you to keep it in your pocket. This app would be useful for all students that are receiving homework. Student organization from K-12 would benifit from this app. Even with very young students the app could be utalized by the teacher and the childs parents to stay on top of everything. Clearly it would be most appropriate for older students that are having to juggle alot of homework, projects and other assignments among all of their subjects.

A concrete example of the functionality is when Tom records the required readings assigned for homework tonight before entering in an upcoming presentation assignment that is due at the end of the week. In this way Tom is able to stay on top of all of his responsiblities.

A specific example of the functionality is when a grade 10 student checks his iHomework on friday night to make sure he didn't forget to do any of his homework before calling his buddies to hang out.


VolunteerSpot is a multifunction app. This application i choose primarily as a tool between parents and teachers. When organizing field trips, PTA meetings and other classroom activities, often a teacher needs the assistence of parents. With the VolunteerSpot app, finding valuable parents to pitch in has never been so easy. Coordinating volunteers is as simple as picking up your smartphone, loading up the app and sending out a request. Parents on the other side can easily see, via the app that volunteers are needed and for what. Teachers and parents can craft mobile sign-up sheets, calendars, message eachother using the application and set up automatic reminders. This application makes planning a field trip alot easier, it takes alot of the leg work out of tracking down volunteers and makes communication between parent and teacher both simple and efficient. This application is useful K-12, as all field trips and special events require parent assistance.

A concrete example of the functionality is when Mr. Johns wanted to take his grade 9 students to the Alberta Legislature. He needs 3 parents to come on the field trip and supervise, he composes a request on VolunteerSpot and sends out a memo with his students to remind their parents to check the app.

A specific example of the functionality is when Mrs. Johnson utalized the Volunteerspot app to message Mr. Johns at the last minute because she came down with a very serious (and contagious) flu bug. Mr. Johns was easily able to learn about the cancellation and make arrangements for another parent to fill in for her.

Ace Kids Math Games

This free application is dedicated specifically to math. The mobile app quickly and easily teaches kids how to Count, Add, and Subtract. The app offers students the opportunity to practice their math and utalize their knowledge of math without feeling like they are doing homework. The application uses visual aids to assist students in discovering the answers. To improve motivation the app uses rewards, fun animations and a prize reward system after completing each level. The emphasis on fun, may make math more enjoyable for students that otherwise were unmotivated or frustrated by math. Teachers could assign a number of activities per week on this application, encouraging students to do their homework because it is fun. This application is useful only with the younger grades, with empahsis on grades 1 to 5.

A concrete example of the functionality is when Mr. Johns allows his young students to load up Ace Kids Math Games with 15 minutes left every friday, thus keeping his students on task and motivated, while allowing them to have fun while practicing their math skills.

A specific example of the functionality is when Fred uses the application to practice his subtraction skills at home. Prior to this guided practice, Fred was frustrated by subtracting and just didn't get it. With the Ace Kids Math Games app he was able to overcome his frustration and practice his skills in a fun way.

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