Summer Days

Yesterday I babysat my cousins! My mom babysits my cousin Ava every Thursday, so now that I am on summer break, I go with her! It was a long ride there but when we got there I was excited! When we got there, Ava was sleeping so we talked to her dad for awhile. After that, me and my mom went to Panera and got cinnamon bagels for my 2 sisters and I! When we got back to my cousins, Ava was still sleeping, and my sisters were tackking! We ate the bagels and then Ava woke up! My mom went and got her and we all waited. When she brought her out, we all got really excited! We each got a turn at holding her, and then we were off for my aunts house who was babysitting my other cousins. When we got there they got really excited. There are 3 kids, Jack(5) Maddy(3) Evie(1)! We said hi to everyone and then got right to playing. We went outside on the playground, played in the play room, and finger painted with shaving cream on the picnic table. It was very fun but then Ava had to get home to take a nap. Right as we were walking out my mom asked my Aunt Mary if she wanted me to stay and help. She said,"yes that would be great." I was happy I got to stay! When they left we had lunch, went on a walk, and watched movies. Before I knew it, I had to go. After babysitting, we went to my grandparents house for dinner. We had a cook out and had hotdogs and hamburgers. After dinner, we went to my cousin Alex's soccer game. My mom said if she played well we could go to ice cream after. And she did,So we went to Jerry's. And a couple of my cousins came and my and uncle and aunt. After that there was a stor behind that, that was a clothing store.My sisters and mom wanted to go there so we did. I didn't find anything, however my sisters bought a few cute dresses. After we were on our way back home.


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