George Washington and Slavery

What was George Washington's  stance/personal background regarding indentured servants and/or slavery?

George Washington's stance regarding indentured servants and slavery changed through his life. As a child he grew up in an environment where slavery was right. In fact his parents both owned slaves. George acquired over 80 slaves over his life from buying them or acquiring them from family. But later George grew to be a man who vowed to never buy slaves again and hoped that the practice of slavery would soon die. As he fought in the Revolutionary war he saw blacks helping and fighting for his cause. He also saw farms that produced crops without slaves. George Washington wanted to, after the war to slowly, through legislative, end slavery.

How did this conflict or connect to their political beliefs?

George Washington, as a child was open to slavery and buying and of selling slaves. But as he became older and saw criticism to slavery he changed part of his mind. He turned down offers for selling slaves if it might that it would split families. He chose not, as president, to destroy slavery because of the sorrow it gave to him to free some but not all slaves. He came up with a compromise that made his slaves free when he and his wife died.

How did Washington's writings/speeches influence or reflect what Isabel or other characters experienced in Chains?

"There is nothing more necessary than good intelligence to frustrate a designing enemy, and nothing requires greater pains to obtain." -Letter of George Washington to Robert Morris.

Curzon is affected and joins the army because he believes that this writing, if he had seen it, shows that him that the greatest intelligence of the war would be to join it.

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