Paul Bunyan by: Timothy Jones

Key Ideas and details

According to Sandburg, what is the origin of the Paul Bunyan stories?

1a Sandburg says the origin of Paul Bunyan stories was Big North Woods and Great Lakes 1075

What does Sandburg mean by saying that some of Paul is "old as the hills, young as the alphabet"?

1b I think when it said "Old as the hill, young as the alphabet" it means his stories have been took for a long time. 1075

Identify two actions that show Paul Bunyan is clever as well as strong.

2a The two action that showed his cleverness and strength was outsmarted the mosquitoes and diving into the lake. 1076

How does these qualities relate to the myth of the heroic character?

2b This is a myth because, his strength is greatly exaggerated. 1076

How does Paul Bunyan stop the rain?

3a Paul stopped the rain by by diving into the lake. 1076

What do this anecdote and other details in this selection tell you about life in the midwest in the early nineteenth century?

3b It tells me that lumberjacks were important. 1076

Do you think the Paul Bunyan stories might have been based on a real person?

4a It very well he could have been based on a real person but exaggerated.

What type of person in today's world might inspire this kind of story?

4b The type of person this would inspirer would be a hard worker because, Paul worked very hard.

why would a lumberjack have been a hero in frontier america?

5a He would have been a hero in frontier America because, lumber jacks had to cut down trees to make communities.

what qualities does Paul Bunyan share with today's heros? (connect to the big question: Are yesterday's hero's important today?)

5b Paul would share strength, and determined with the military.


No ones knows where he comes from. He was a lumber jack and his tale was told for many years. He jumped into a river to make it stop raining. Paul out smarted mosquitoes and got them fat. They also became easy to drown and they from new orleans and gulf of mexico.

The story has many themes. The theme i get from it is play to your strengths. Like not everybody is good at being social. He had physical strength but there are many other strengths too. Everybody has something they are good at and not everybody is good everything.

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