Internet Safety                          Elizabeth                               Miller

Making sure that your account is secure

You have to make sure that your account is secure and that no body else can get in but you and your parents. Usually sites will have a privacy tab and you click on it and just explore on ways you can help your account not be hacked or show thing that you don't what to be public.

Keep your passwords to your self!

You need to make sure that you are not giving any information out about your passwords on your accounts. You never know what your friends can do they might seem like there your friends and you can trust them but the truth is you cant trust anybody when it comes to passwords.

Don't give out any personal information

If you give out your personal information people know just more and more about you. It's surprising how much people can know about you when you think your doing nothing wrong like, what school you go to, your first middle and last name, and also your family and I'm just naming a few! so it is very important that you don't use any personal information.

           Don't respond to a text or email                      from anyone you don't know!

You never know who your texting. If you are texting to someone you don't know than just make sure that you save those texts or emails and NEVER give any personal information.

Never post Pictures #Don'tSELFIEthat

By one little picture people know what you hair looks like, what color you skin is, how you dress, your gender, and also your eye color they know a lot just from a picture so make sure your being safe by not posting ANY pictures.

Don't video chat with anyone you don't                                      know

You never know who is on he other side of that screen so you have to do everything you can to protect your self. Its easy just don't video chat. Its that simple!

Always let your parents know what your doing online!

It will help you trust me just buy letting your parents know about whats going on online and what you are doing online is going to make a big change in what you would probably say with out your parents not knowing what you are saying online.


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