Karla Orona
5 tips for Online Safety

TIP#1- Keep your identity a seceret- Try to stay anounomus. Don't give out personal info use a fake name.           

TIP#2- Be extra careful with strangers- All you

know about them is what they tell you, if you keep your personal info a secret there is know way for anyone to harm you. Get your parents involved if an online friend wants to meet, don't answer text from people you don't know.

TIP#3- Tell somebody- Tell somebody if you feel bad or uncomefertable, you can block them or report them. Let your parents or teachers help you they are there to protect you.

            TIP#4- Protect your password- Keep your passwords in a safe place. Dont give  your passwords to anybody.

TIP#5- Be nice- Make the enternet a better place,  be nice too people and respect them they might even return the favor, kill them with kindness. Besides you can get kicked off of sites if you are rude to others.

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