Broadway Beach Memoir

By : Esmeralda Raygoza

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was the longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western industrialized world in the United States. This began soon after the stock market crash in 1929 of October which sent wall street into a panic and wiped out millions of investors.Not everyone was affected by the Great Depression. The wealthy had little or no affect on the great depression but the poor had a big great affect on the Great Depression. The people who wanted to marry had to delay their wedding. This event happened in the 1930's

Colleges in the 1930's

The cost of Tuition in the 1930 - 1939 was about two hundred to five hundred dollars for fine arts, education, general fee, medicine, and health.

The cost of a book was $2.50, room is $15 a month for 3 or more rooms, a school public teacher would get paid $1,227, backpack $2.00 to $6.00, and food is $.03 to $.50.

The differences in colleges from then and know are that we can choose any career that we would like to do. Unlike in the 1930's when black woman could only work or have was being someone's maid or a school teacher, in the 1930's a black person or women of any type of race couldn't be a police officer, pilot, truck driver, construction worker, senator, security guard, managers, and etc. Now in our time many can do and be able to be what they want to be. We are able to go to college today but in the 1930's most black people could not go beyond of 8th grade. Can live in any neighborhood we choose and can have a nice home too, something black people could not have in the 1930's.

Mascot a bull

In the 1930's we had to know what we need for college and how we can handle your money, food, home, car, and belongings. The Cost of vehicles gasoline is $.10 per gallon, for different foods is $.20 to $.50, a purchase for a new car is $6.35 adding tires a spear tire, engine and rebuilding it $40, and having seat belts and accessories for the car $.20. House hold belongings may cost from small items of maybe $.09 to a big piano of $359.00. 

Stan's Apology letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

           I apologize for sweeping dirt on your shoes and disrespected you. I didn't want to get you upset, it was very inconsiderate of me to sweep dirt on you. I apologize for being angry in your shop and not noticing the other customers. I am a fool for not noticing the other customers and making the customers uncomfortable and leave the shop.

            I will not be inconsiderate when others are here I will be more careful around the shop and respect the shop and its customers. I will respect you and the workers here and wont disrespect you in any matter. I will do as you ask and not disrespect the rules or customers that are in your shop. I will be more careful during the day as I work here.

             I need this job for my family we are very poor and need the money for school, medicine, food, and cloths for everyone that lives there. My family is having a very difficult time and needs the help. My father gets heart attacks and needs to go to the hospital and he needs much care. My brother, Eugene, needs books, supplies, and a bag for school. Step sisters and mom needs cloths and much more I will not be able to help my family if i will be fired. Please accept me back at work i will do what you. Please inform me on your decision.


                                      Stanley Jerome     


Broadway show


Opened April 21,2014 and will end on May 2015. Jam Theatricals and El Paso Live are proud to announce the El Paso Electric Presents Broadway in El Paso, 2014-2015 Season.

Personal Review

The book Brighton Beach Memoirs was my first book to read with personal conversations to others. At first i had thought this book would be very weird all the way but as we continued to read, it got interesting and funny. This is a good book to read, many might think that it is not the right story book for themselves, they did not understand the setting and plot, the story and or just didn't like the story for dialog and or maybe for the type of book it was many don't like comedy and like more of action and adventure. The book was a good book to read and i consider others to read but it is the person's opinion about the book if they don't want to read it or not. I mostly read action and adventure, drama, murder, superhero and sometimes comedy most of these have many combinations to them and it is very cool to read. Brighton Beach Memoirs is a very good book that i would convince someone to read.

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