Project Life Budge

By: Alaena Klages

About Me

I am single with an eight year old daughter. I am a Compliance Officer and I drive 17 miles to and from work.


- My annual salary is $65,000 per. year.

-My net monthly income is $4,533.

Chance Cards

I won a door prize at my daughter's school spring fair worth $75.00, but I had to may the locksmith $40.00 after locking my keys in my car.

Monthly Expenses

Each month, I spend:

-$30 in Health and Life Insurance

-$45 in Medical and Dental Expenses

$40 for my Unlucky chance card


I have shares in three companies; 10 shares of Plum Creek Timber Co. Inc (PCL), 75 shares in Inc. (AMZN), and 75 shares in Corning Inc. (GLW).

On day one, I made $28,824.09. On day five, I made $28567.09


I live in an East Commons apartment in St. Paul. The cost of the apartment is $795. With Utilities I pay a rat e of $990 a month. My apartment has two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a kitchen, a playground, washer/ dryer unit, heating and air conditioning, and many other amenities.


Since I rent an apartment I don't have to pay for sewer/water. So I pay $165 for the electric bill and $30 for the telephone bill every month.


I own a 2014 Ford Focus. The purchase price for the car was $16,700. My down payment was $3,340. I pay a $20 interest fee. So each month I pay $222.66

Home Improvement

I I bought a few new items for my new apartment. I bought a coffee table for $95.99.


My weekly menu:

Monday: Breakfast: eggs with toast and jam Lunch: Salad/ school lunch Dinner: Cheeseburgers with fries. Snack: apples with peanut butter

Tuesday: Breakfast: Yogurt par fee. Lunch: Turkey sandwich with fruit/ school lunch Dinner: Tator-tot hot dish. Snack: Ants on a log

Wednesday: Breakfast: Blue berry muffins. Lunch: Grilled cheese with fruit/school lunch. Dinner: Alfredo with Italian bread. Snack: Cheese and crackers

Thursday: Breakfast: Bagels with cream cheese. Lunch: Salad/school lunch. Dinner: Beef Stew. Snack: Oranges and grapes.

Friday: Breakfast: Cereal with fruit. Lunch: Turkey sandwich with fruit/ school lunch. Dinner: Chicken and wild rice soup. Snack: Gram crackers

Saturday: Breakfast: Pancakes with fresh fruit.Lunch: Chicken strips with fries. Dinner: go out to eat. Snack: Fruit cup

Sunday: Breakfast: Cinnamon toast Lunch: Pizza Dinner: Tacos with chips and salsa. Snack: Fruit Snacks.

Clothing and Accessories

I spent $174.48 when I went shopping. I bought my daughter a Sweater dress,solid black tights, and some black boots to make a cute back to school outfit. I bought myself a army green jacket for the fall.

Entertainment and Recreation

For Entertainment I spent a total of $44.00.I went to a Movie for $14. Visited an art museum at $20. I also came back to watch a St.Clair Basketball game at the cost of $10 for tickets.Then for free I went hiking and to a dinner party at a friends house.

Cable and Dining Out

I decided instead of getting cable I will pay the $7.99 a month and gets netflix. For dining out me and my daughter only go out for dinner once a week. That comes to $87.40 a month.