Ways/reasons in which literature of the past is relevant today:

  • Way/reason 1: Use reason over faith.
  • Way/reason 2: Everyone can improve their life.

Era you plan to use

Era 1

  • Text and quote to support way/reason 1: "Love you neighbor; yet don't pull down your hedge" (P. 74).
  • Text and quote to support way/reason 2: "Glass, china, and reputation are easily cracked and never well mended" (P. 74).

Connections to today

  • Example from today's society of your first way/reason: Not many people use faith anymore. Reason has become more "understandable" than faith in some views hands.
  • Example form today's society of your second way/reason: People nowadays are given second chances very easily, only some use them for good.


Literature of the past is still relevant today because people use reason over faith and everyone can improve their life. This can be shown by an exploration of literature from the rationalist.

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