Final Project

Ted movie poster

The large image of a teddy bear acting as if he were a human being is very attention grabbing. The large letters showing the title are also attention grabbing. The teddy bear is the main characters best friend and he came to life because John, the main character, made a wish on Christmas when he got a teddy bear and he came to life the next day.The teddy bear acting as a human would be the main reason why people would go to watch this movie. The poster does a good job of telling a little bit about the movie. It looks like it is about a human and a teddy bear being best friends. The poster shows a scene where they are having fun and laughing and ted is drinking a beer and no other movies have that.

3 Most important marketing movie strategies

I think one of the most important movie strategies is getting the trailer out there early because that way you build up the hype for the movie. I would put the movie trailer out at least a year and a half before the movie comes out. I would make different versions of the movie trailer. Another important strategy is to sell the posters for the movie before it comes out. The poster should show an interesting scene and the title should be in big bold letters. The movie "The Dark Knight" has a large picture of batman with a burning building behind him and that really drew my attention. Another important marketing strategy is to have a well-known actor in the movie. The movies that don't have a big star in the movie usually goes to Netflix because it isn't good enough to be in theatres.

3 Best and 3 Worst Marketing Strategies for Amusement Parks

One of the best strategies for amusement parks is creating a park with a variety of different themes. One theme could be about Nickelodeon things like Sponge bob, Fairly Odd Parents, and an Avatar the last Air bender. They could also have a section for sports and have games where you can win things. Another important strategy is to make it fun for everyone. They should have a smaller section of the park for little kids and the larger portion of the park should be for older people. They should also have a daycare section where you could drop off your kid and go on all of the bigger rides.

Movie Trailer Review

The trailer gives a very good idea of what the movie is about. It showed me that it is about a plane getting hijacked and the terrorists say they will kill someone every 20 minutes. They are demanding 150 million dollars to be put into this bank account. The trailer puts an interesting twist in it when the bank account ends up being the good guys account. So the army thinks that the good guy is the one hijacking the plane. The climax happens when the good guy is jumping in the air shooting the gun. The trailer does a good job of making people want more of the movie because right as he starts shooting the trailer stops. The special effects in the are very good. When the plane ends up getting shot and there is now a hole in the side of the plane it makes people want to see it.

Reaction to "Artifact"

My reaction to Artifact was that the way record labels are screwing their artists is really outrages. I think a fair deal between the labels and the artists would be to give the artists about 30 percent of all things sold that have their name on it and in concerts. I believe the reason why artists continue to sign with the big record labels is because they don't know that they are going to end up getting screwed by the labels. Another reason is because they think that if they sign with a huge label they are going to become all rich and famous when really they are digging themselves into a bunch of debt and they don't make enough money to pay it all off. If I were '30 Seconds to Mars" I would sign with a private label after the contract with the big record label so that they continue to be famous but aren't getting screwed and therefore they are actually making money instead of going into a bunch of debt.

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