This is Tackk

Tackk allows you to customize and edit your message the moment you visit the homepage. Simply click here and start typing. You can add photos, videos, maps, music and more. There is no login required and you can share your Tackk on any of your existing networks instantly!

There is a searchable database of images like the one that the image below came from.  No worrying about copyright.  You can also upload your own image or put in an image URL.

There is an iPad app for this or it can be created on the web.

Below is an example of an audio file that can be added.

You can add a variety of multimedia components to a single Tackk.

Using the TACKK button below, go to Tackk and create one of your own about your ideas of how you might use this tool in your classroom.  Include the benefits of the tool and a wish you have for the tool.  

If you have any questions about it's features, please let me know and I will help you.  

Share your Tackk with the others at your table.

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