College for Everyone

The big lake which surrounds Thunder Bay does not have “Superior” as its name by chance. This urban centre has a centre of excellence in teaching and researching called Confederation College that receives people from around the world. Programs such as Electrical Engineering Technology explain why Thunder Bay is “Superior by Nature.”

When people talk about the quality of education, they usually associate it with good teachers. Confederation College has an excellent faculty that keeps the highest standard in quality of education of Canada; for instance, it has Electrical Engineering Program which is recognized as one of the top courses in the province of Ontario for everyone.

Nowadays, the relation between teaching and learning requires more than simply someone lecturing with a backboard. It needs different and creative types of media and a good physical structure. The college is provided of wonderful facilities for example, laboratories, huge diversity of media, spaces to study, a big library, etc. They are capable to offer for everyone conditions enough to be the best.

Finally, Confederation College has many partners in the labor market that can offer great opportunities. In addition to achieving quality education, after your graduation, you can get a great job since the college has really nice contacts, and it is recognized as a nice intuition. To give you an example, Canadian companies as Cadabra Design Automation® and CML VERSATEL®, electrical engineering area, usually absorb students from the college. Thus, Confederation College is contributing effectively to the Canadian economy.

To be “Superior” is not depend exclusively of talent or luck. To be “Superior” is synonymous to hard work and right choices. Therefore, if you want to be “Superior”, you just have to come and join. Confederation College is able to provide you everything that you need. Electrical Engineering Program, for example, is known for being one of the best; however, it has many others options which you can choose. “Superior” actually means to make big and correct decisions all the time. Make the right decision, choose Confederation College and be “Superior.” ”Superior by Nature.”