France exploration


I’ve always dreamed of exploring the world as a young boy. Living in Broudge, Province of Saintonge France. I grew up with hopes to travel and make history with finding hidden treasure. As a young fella I heard stories in town that man where leaving on long journey’s in search of a new world looking for gold and natural resources that would make them wealthy. Wealth in the sense of money and fancy cloths and a nice house. Those journey’s would prove to be a disappointment or end in death as the stories where told.  I wanted more than that, I dreamed of a place I could call my own where there was no fighting, no disease, no hunger or government, however that was after all just a dream. I would be in search of something much more than just my dreams I would become someone who would conquer the odds of starvation and disease, extreme cold, and unknown and unchartered routes. I would become an explorer.

The dictionary defines explorer as “a person who investigates unknown regions.” I believe we are all meant to be explorers. I believe an explorer is a person who explores the untouched part of their spirit, not just some physical location on a map that they may discover. To be an explorer you will endure defeat, and face challenges of the unknown and successes for their finds, but that is what a true explorer would face when adventuring out to pursue their life. To be an explorer I must work hard to educate myself on different cultures, religions, on maps and navigational tools. I must gain knowledge of the open waters and different terrains. Survival will be a big key to becoming an explorer one day. My dreams would soon become reality when I grew up.

In the early 1600’s I would get the opportunity to sail on voyages with my uncle. I would finally get the opportunity to put my skills and knowledge to good use, while I learned how to sail and survive. I ventured as far as Spain and the West Indies, and wrote extensively about my voyages. I would soon be ready to sail on my own. With much consideration after several voyages, I began to construct a plan, I would need enough supplies for a crew of thirty five man and myself, I would need a Caravel. A special type of ship to sail across huge oceans and up small rivers. Through small, caravels were sturdy. I would set a quest to travel in search of new world and trading routes. I figured I would sail from France to North America to claim land and establish trading post.

Approval and support from King Henry IV I would set sail in 1604. We landed in May on the southeast shore. We looked for a location for a temporary settlement. We explored the Bay and River area before selecting a small section of land. We used our natural resources to build a long house and spent the winter there. In the summer of 1605, the team sailed down the coast of New England. Looking for new terrain, I was the first to give detailed accounting of the region with making uncanny predictions about the network of lakes and other geographic features of the region for establishing new routes for trading

We came to settle in Canada in 1608, the winter was harsh and I lost a lot of men, but 15 crew members and I survived. I was determined to discover something great after losing man to starvation, intense cold, battle and disease. I decided to venture further into the woodlands, when confronted by Indians. After faced with culture difference and language differences we began to exchange goods (furs) and ideas,

farming techniques and religion. With the sense of accomplishment and claiming the land to set up a trading post.  I sailed back to France to announce my findings. Gathered many people to come to the new world to settle with the rich resources and new routes to make trading become the economic motivating force for French exploration.

I traveled and explored the New World, and set out to learn the different languages and cultures and discovered new routes for trade on my exploration to North America. I may not have come back with silver and gold or a wealthy man but what I did learn was much greater than any riches in the world and with a DISCOVER that will keep trade between counties moving for years to come. I learned to sail and learned to overcome much more than just the climate, battling other tribes, food, shelter and territories. I learned who I was as a person and that dreams do come true as I made come true with determination on my exploration to North American of which no man can take away from me.  kenf/.`1lk

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