Power of Music

Music Is everything to some people. Some cutures listen to their own music when they celebrate holidays or when they have weddings.

What music mean to me

Music is the best thing but my religion doesn't allow us to listen because the shi'a people believe that its as "great sin" meaning forbiddin. I love listening to music Specially When I am cleaning the house, doing homework or when I am bored. I don't belive in what the Shi'a or Sunni people say because I think that it was a made up thing and I know that I am not the best Muslim that my parents want me to be.

Sad or happy song?

I prefer both because when I am in the mood l like to listen to both. For some of people they would rather listen to sad music because they probably broke up with their boyfriend or something as else.

Oromo music

Music is everything to Oromo people other then their religion because they have nine culture dances and and their is some music that go with the dance. I love Oromo music because it makes me things of Ethiopia and my grandmother.

Oromo music and dance

Reduce stress?

The power of music rdeuces stress and also makes your life easier.


I like this quote because it's true and that music will always be with us.

Quote from Dick Clark

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3 years ago

Thank you, Razeqa, for teaching me about the Shi'a and Sunni rules as well as more about Oromo culture! Conflicts and ideas about music are interesting; it seems everyone can see the power in music. Great use of pictures and quotes to support your ideas.