Have you seen James Kimball ?

Birth : December 28, 1968

Height : 5'7

Weigh: 165 lbs.

Characteristics : Caucasian male. Brown hair, green eyes

About him .

Background information

James Kimball grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. He was the 6th child in his large loving family, James was always shy though. On August 16, 1982. When James was only 13 he found out his dad had died from a heart attack. When his family gathered to say their goodbyes James was the only one unaffected by his passing of his father. He started being very quiet, refused to cry he had no emotion. When James & his brothers created their own little band in the garage, James played the drums. But Tom ( Jame's brother) noticed something strange about his brother Tom's words were "he was acting strange, and i was afraid for him. There came a point where i was like, we better bring him to the hospital or something, because we didn't know what he was going to do next". James was diagnosed with Schizo-effective disorder. Next 8 years he was hospitalized , James had vanished and once his family found out they had made phone calls, searched homeless shelters and also put up "missing photos".  11 months past and still no answers about James, His family are still searching for him. Til this day there has been no response on if he's alive or dead.

Bibliography : http://unsolved.com/archives/james-

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