Mini Cars
The most iconic car during the 60's

The mini, the car who characterize the 60's. In every movie we see this little British car. And in this tackk we will present to you this car which became iconic.

1. What is the Mini

The mini is a small economic car made by the company British Motor Corporation (BMC). She was designed by the Greek engineer Alex Issigonis but was made in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

2. History

In 1956, following the crisis of the Suez Canal causing rationing of oil, Sir Leonard Lord, then senior official of the British Motor Corporation (BMC), asks Alec Issigonis, Lam and Laurence Pomeroy to design a new Economic car. The prototype of the Mini car will be produced only after eight months of study and will be launched in October 1957.
This first vehicle having an engine, the speed reached 145 km / h. At the time the competition has adopted the "all in the back" engine and propulsion, the three top-selling vehicles, namely the Volkswagen Beetle, the Fiat 500 and the Renault Dauphine. Yet Alec Issigonis, who appreciates Citroën and ideas, chooses a direction "just before". The choice of engine for Morris Minor, is for not having to redesign it. The revolution will put the gearbox beneath the engine in a transverse position. With the choice to put small wheels of 10 inches, also innovative solution, the vehicle spends 80% of its length to accommodate the occupants and their luggage.

Did You Know That ?

In 1999 the Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century, behind the Ford Model T, and ahead of the Citroën DS and Volkswagen Beetle.

3. The influence

The mini car became very popular thanks to the rally of Monte-Carlo but also thanks by all of the movies and all of the celebrities who have this car in the 60's. At the moment of the Beatlemania the van and the mini car were THE cars of this movement.

4. Conclusion

With its legendary design, the Mini is written into the cultural heritage of the United Kingdom and Europe in general. The Mini has been able to conquer the hearts of all the british in the 60s and today

Test your knowledge

1. What is the company that created the Mini ?

2. Where is made the Mini ?

3. What is the name of the crisis causing rationing of oil ?

4. What is the origin of the designer

5. When the Mini was released ?

6.Who have made the mini a popular car ?


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