Occupational Therapist

                                            ~ Average Salary: $76,940 (each year)

                               ~Job duty:Complete and maintain necessary record,

                            Test and evaluate patients' physical and mental abilities     

                        and  analyze medical data to determine realistic rehabilitation   

                       goals for patients, Train caregivers how to provide for the needs  

                                             of a patient during and after therapy.

                       ~Skills needed:Listening to others,not interrupting,and asking

                     good questions, Looking for ways to help people, Understanding

                      people's reaction, Thinking about the pros and cons of different      

                                                   options and picking the best one.

                     ~Education/experience needed:Language arts educational software,

                                     Text to speech software, OpenOffice WRITER.

                                         ~Outlook:VERY LIKELY IN THE FUTURE.

                  ~I picked this career because I have always wanted to help adults and

                      kids that have been abused or treated bad that can't get that bad

                                                        experience out of their head.

                                                                 By:Maria Roque

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