Greek mask poems

by. Rebecca Hall
mask poems we are doing in class

Evil Theseus

One day I was swimming
I smelt something
On I saw Theseus
and a juicy Pegasus
I snuck up on the Pegasus
Then it screamed
Theseus sliced me to pieces
what am I ??????

don't freak out
do not blow my top today
When he presses me down low
I will pop and be pointy
killing monsters is my destiny

i am awesome
i slayed the Minotaur
My dad is Zeus
I have a pet pegasws

I have hunters
they help me hunt animals down
my sacred animal is the deer
i have a twin brother
who am i????????

i'm the god of the sun
i have a twin sister
i make terrible poems
i own a lyre
who am i?????

i'm the king of the gods
i'm the god of lighting and the sky
i have two brothers
i have a wife named hera

i'm the queen of goddesses
i hold Olympians together
my younger brother is the king
my husband is zeus

i'm the goddess of wisdom
my symbol is the owl
i popped out of my dads head ready for war
in the Trojan war i took the side of Greece
i'm more mature than Apollo and ares

i'm the goddess of victory
i have a store named after me
i'm the goddess of sports
i'm a minor god

i live deep under everything
i have a three headed pet
Demeter's daughter is my wife
i have two younger brothers

thanks for reading!!!!!!!
camp half-blood,
and Becca