Exploration Proposal

To Queen Elizabeth I of England

Please enjoy this relaxing music as you make your decision.

My Proposal

       Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England, I am asking you for your money to lead an exploration of the so called North America.(3&4) We will depart for this expedition in 1560.(1) I came from Scotland but have decided to come to you because I feel like you are the most powerful and fairest Queen.(2) I will be asking your country for money to lead a successful search for the seven cities of gold.  I have selected you, my queen, to beg for money so that I can find this undiscovered area and make an end to your troubles!  I know that you are in great need of gold and that will be my priority to get.(5)  I, myself, will also be searching for gold.(6) My plans are to split my findings 30% to me and 70% towards you.  I chose this so that you, my Queen, could be happy and glad that you chose me to be your explorer.(7)  I will be coming back with my ship stuffed to the top with pure gold!  I am going to North America to find the seven cities of gold and the undiscovered territory.(8)  France and Spain also have explorers in the Americas.(9)  I am hoping to sneak in without them even noticing so that I can beat them to the seven cities of gold!  France and Spain are fighting religious wars and so they don’t have many supplies but are also searching for gold.(10)  I will handle them with peace, if we happen to encounter the other explorers, so that you won’t have to worry about more trouble on your hands.(11)  However, if they threaten England, then I will be sure to offer a trade for their peace.  I will trade with the explores these fake nuggets of gold.   I will not encounter any sea monsters because I plan to sacrifice a sailor of your choice to be thrown overboard for the sea monster.(12)

A Map of My Potential Expedition

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