Cost of Engagement Ring in Singapore

An engagement is a big deal. This is the time when a guy expresses his desire to live the rest of his life with the girl he loves. Usually, the guy thinks carefully before proposing. He also saves up for the proposal. A common tradition is that the price of the engagement ring must be equivalent to around three months worth of his salary. So an engagement takes time. The guy must think months in advance. He must decide on how and when he would propose. This kind is the kind of thinking that must come from someone who is sure with his decision and must not waver on that decision. It may sound daunting but to a guy in love, it comes naturally.

Spending time and money just seems natural for a special event like an engagement. Some guys use this opportunity to express their love in a grand way. Flash mob proposals and engagement coverages are common nowadays. This is the time when grand gestures are welcome. Others spend money to buy a really expensive engagement ring. In Singapore and in other countries, the engagement ring industry is in demand. Many buy engagement rings when they are about to pop the question.

However, buying an engagement ring is not easy and cheap. You as the potential groom must pick the right engagement ring. In Singapore, men hire wedding planners to assist them in selecting the right ring. Of course, you must know her likes and dislikes. She may not like certain colors. She may prefer a gem that is bluish like the pupils of her eyes. She may prefer a gem that is square-cut. Or she may prefer a ring that is circular, symbolizing the unity of your love as a couple. She may be allergic to certain metals. You can know more about her wants by asking her friends or some family members.

You must know that an engagement ring is not cheap. The gem alone costs money. Then there is the housing and the actual ring. Both are costly. The whole ring is costly to make. It is even more costly when you buy a ring that is customized. That is one thing you must consider before you pop the question. Some people are turned off by the sheer thought of the costing. So you must be prepared on the fact that you will be spending a portion of your savings for the ring.

Some however are more sure about this decision. They are willing to spend money just to express their love. They are willing to buy the most perfect piece of ring out there, regardless of the price. Is it time to pop the question? The it is time to buy an engagement ring in Singapore.